Childbirth: the warning signs of childbirth are represented by the drop in rectal temperature (due to the decrease in the concentration of progesterone before childbirth) of about one degree Celsius compared to the average established by previous surveys (the temperature must be measured both in the morning and in the evening ).

The onset of lactation is a less precise sign. The presence of cervical mucus from the vulva appears immediately before the onset of labor.
The woman in labor presents anorexia, tachypnea (increased respiratory rate) and, sometimes, vomiting. She must stay in a quiet place, sources of stress, which can delay the birth, must be avoided. The expulsive phase generally lasts less than 12 hours but, in primiparas (cats giving birth for the first time), it can last up to 36 hours. The first unborn child takes longer to be born than the other siblings and is wrapped in the amniotic sac. Mom breaks it, cuts the umbilical cord with her teeth and animates it by licking it.

After birth, the placenta is expelled. The time between two births ranges from 10 to 60 minutes. In the case of languid childbirth (birth where the expulsion of the fetus takes place in an excessively long time due to insufficient contraction of the uterus muscles), the time can increase and, in this case, it is necessary to resort to the intervention of the veterinarian which will stimulate uterine contractions.