Giardia lamblia is a parasitic protozoan that causes giardiasis (a parasitosis). Giardiasis is a disease that affects the digestive system. The main symptom is diarrhea (abundant, liquid, foul-smelling and with substances not absorbed by the body). The cat infected with the Guard has a predisposition to dehydration and weight loss. The cat has no fever but is not very active, tired, lethargic and exhausted. The puppies, being more delicate, are more affected by the Giardia infestation.

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FeLV, feline leukemia, is a very serious highly contagious disease. It is a tumor of the bone marrow cells. The agent of this disease is a virus of the Retrovirus family, among which there is also the virus responsible for FIV.

The virus is transmitted from cat to cat through infected body fluids:

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Fiv felina. Malattie virali gatto. Virus

FIV, feline immunodeficiency, is a disease similar to HIV that affects humans. It is transmitted only between cats and is not contagious to humans or other animals. The disease affects the cat's immune system making it more fragile. It exposes the infected cat more to infections and diseases than a healthy cat.

Transmission occurs through:

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