A beautiful table will soon be on the market where design, elegance, utility and fun will go hand in hand. We will be able to work creatively with our little feline who will be free to walk on our table, slip into the tunnels, holes and passages created for him who will discover the various secret passages, above and inside our desk.

Designed by Hao Ruan, Hong Kong designer, of LYCS Architecture it was presented in Milan in 2014.

It is made with a single and solid piece of wood. The worktop features a series of openings, holes, tunnels, tunnels and galleries that have been hand sculpted to create spaces and passages for our cat to both satisfy his enormous curiosity and to give us the opportunity to share our space of I work with him.

Cats always need to play, to be stimulated and their nature pushes them to browse and explore. This desk will give our cat the opportunity to play or take a nice nap in a sheltered, protected and hidden place. There is also a scratching post where you can sharpen your nails while keeping busy.

This fun desk will be a distraction for our cat who intent on exploring and playing will not jump on the computer and will not ask us for attention and will not prevent us from working.

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The CATable is a design table for us and a paradise for our cats. The table features wooden legs that rest on different angles and are darker in color. Ruan's creation offers an answer to the demand for furniture geared towards our pets.
Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the Cat Table will be put on the market and what its price will be. But nothing prevents us if we do not want to wait for us to build a customized table ad hoc for us and our cats. Would you like a table like this? see also