Open, covered, hidden, practical and design, cat toilets or litter boxes are for those who have a cat at home. It is a waterproof container, usually made of plastic, where to insert absorbent material (sand or other) that will be our cat's toilet. The Cats will come in to carry out their needs. We should place it in an environment that the cat frequents and that is a safe and quiet place for him and away from the kennel and bowls of water and food.

Our task is to keep the litter box clean to preserve the hygiene and health of our cat. Let's not forget that many serious infections and diseases are transmitted through cat feces and pee to other cats. The litter boxes must be as numerous as the number of cats + 1. Excluding those who do not have just one cat


We can find cat boxes for sale for every need. Let's see them together in such a way as to choose the perfect right toilet for our cat that completely satisfies him.


The covered box is usually the most common and chosen by people with cats living in the house. Many have charcoal filters that capture odors, and the fact that they are covered prevents cats from throwing out the absorbent material as they scrape to cover their needs.

Not all cats love them because as I said before, cats do not want to feel closed and have no escape routes at 360 °. There are all kinds of them, some very beautiful and design that enrich our apartments. In some litter boxes the entrance door is tilting and transparent, it is better to keep it open the first few times to let the cat become familiar and to prevent it from being annoyed and not going inside. Only after he has become familiar can we try to lower the door.


Lovers of recycling can create their own litter using old plastic boxes with lids in which to create the entrance opening.


Among the many litter boxes, there are also hidden letters. Those you don't see, which are placed inside vases and fake plants, inside furniture and various accessories. The imagination has no limits and the litter boxes can hide in the environment and furnishings and be totally invisible.



The tablet that must be placed on our toilet and which gradually teaches our cat to use the toilet bowl. The accessory to be applied to our cup has the same shape as the toilet seat, with a center made up of ovals of different shapes and modular and separate. We start by holding all the ovals and filling the inside with sand (ecological and biodegradable that can be thrown into the toilet) and in principle placing the device on the ground, as if it were a normal litter. Having become familiar, you will have to place it on the bowl and then begin to gradually remove the ovals, starting from the center and increasing the diameter by gradually removing the others, until you bring the cat to carry out its needs directly in the toilet, without the device.



Self-cleaning cassettes are those equipped with a rotating system that separates dirty from clean sand and cat feces thanks to a special filter. Dirty residues fall into a special container for collection and we do not need pallets.


The litter technology equal to our toilet. Still very expensive but very comfortable and practical. It is installed near a tap with cold water inlet on the wall, such as the one in the washing machine, and near a power outlet. A particular sand is used (usually recycled plastic grains) which after being used is washed and then dried. Solid waste, on the other hand, is separated and disposed of through a special filter. The drain must be placed inside the toilet at home. Operation is the same as the washing machine.