From now on, not only dogs will have their own dedicated areas, but finally, in Milan, even apartment cats will be lucky enough to go to a park that is safe for them and have fun immersed in nature.

At their complete disposal they will have a Gattoparco, a large public garden designed and built to be cat-proof, where they can socialize, walk, run, play in complete safety accompanied by their owners.

It was born on the initiative of citizens and will be built in Milan near the Navigli, thanks to the reclamation of an abandoned green area of ​​6,400 square meters adjacent to the Baden Powell park.

To secure the park, in addition to an external network, there will be a double gate. Within the protected area, smaller enclosures will be available, which will help the little feline to acclimatize slowly, playing with its master and becoming familiar with the environment.

However, we are very careful and behave very cautiously by asking an expert for advice, before releasing the cat in the park, because it could be frightened by a new and unknown environment and could run away throughout the park making it difficult to take it back to take it back home. .

Installations on which cats can climb will probably be added within the space and there will be meetings on the knowledge of cats for children and the possibility for adults to talk and discuss with experts, veterinarians, behaviorists and nutritionists.

A brilliant initiative that confirms Milan as a model city for every need. In big cities it could be a great opportunity for our feline friends who live in apartments for safety reasons and who could thus have territorial enrichment and fantastic outdoor experiences in complete safety. We hope that each city, taking Milan as an example, can have its own park cat.

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