I had been wondering for a long time if there was a professional search service for lost animals. Browsing the internet I discovered that even in Italy we have experienced professionals specialized in the search, recovery and rescue of our lost animal (dog or cat).

Pet Detective was founded in 2016 from the experience and intuition of two entrepreneurs from Bergamo, Andrea Granelli and Dario Maffioli.

Pet Detective is the first organization in Europe to use search dogs to track down lost animals and the only one to have developed a tele-assisted emergency response protocol capable of minimizing intervention times.

Search and rescue procedures are based on the study of animal behavior and the strategic planning of rescue operations.

Pet Detective offers assistance to victims of loss through a network of professionals throughout the country. All the Partners of the Network have carried out professional courses dedicated to the search and rescue of lost animals. Pet Detective takes care of their training and certifies their professionalism.

Thanks to the use of new technologies that reduce the intervention time and allow you to carry out a preliminary analysis of the situation of loss.

Pet Detective offers an effective and personalized assistance service which, in the first 5 days, records 82% of finds.
We can use the service throughout Italy.

Pet Detective uses protocols taken from the FBI for missing persons, set to the needs of pets. It provides online guides, telephone support, technical material and experts who will provide you with all the information you need to find your lost pet.

All assistance services include the assignment of a professional, you will always speak with the same person who knows every detail of your case.

Acting quickly with an organized approach is the best way to increase the chances of finding your lost cat.

The tools it uses are:

1) Clearly visible posters to hang on the territory
2) Satellite maps, to analyze and define the intervention area
3) A camera equipped with a flexible extension that allows you to inspect small places that are difficult to inspect in any other way
4) Infrared and waterproof cameras that we use in monitoring
5) Research dog, to follow traces and identify smells, in cases of request for intervention on the spot.
6) Cages of capture

We hope to never lose our cat or dog but if unfortunately it should happen we can contact Pet Detective who can give us a great help to be able to find our 4-legged friend.

All information can be found on the official Pet Detective website