Cats have now become members of the family. Loved and pampered, they share the same spaces as us: beds, sofa, armchairs, blankets, pillows and often climbing up in our arms they snuggle up on our legs and on our belly, leaving their beloved hairs everywhere.

How can we quickly solve this little problem and continue to fully share our life with our friends?

Let's learn some little tricks to help us always have an impeccable home by removing every hair.
First we can cover our sofas, our armchairs, our beds with large scarves, blankets or sofa covers to protect them and preserve their cleanliness.

To remove hair you can use:

1) Brushes and adhesive hair rollers.
We can find them on the market, for example at Ikea. Convenient and practical method to eliminate unwanted hair from all fabrics.

2) Roll of adhesive tape
We can use to remove the hair of our cats from the fabrics a roll of adhesive tape, very convenient and economical, the brown type for packaging that being of greater width we can use it by wrapping it in a circumference around our hand, with the adhesive part towards the outside and the non-adhesive one adheres to your hand. As you run your hand over the fabrics, the hairs will stick to the adhesive.

3) Rubber glove
Moisten a rubber glove, which has a slightly rough surface and pass it on the fabric by moving the hand in one direction to gather the hairs in a single point and then remove them with our hands.

4) Microfiber cloths
Excellent for removing hair from the floor. We can pass the mop with the dampened and wrung microfiber cloth.

5) Balloon
Blow up a simple balloon and pass it over the fabric where the hair is present. Its stillness will attract hair.

6) Vacuum cleaner
A very effective way is to vacuum and after a damp and well wrung cloth. Once dried it will look like new.

7) Remove cat hair from the washing machine
In the washing machine when we do laundry, we need to put a rough sponge in the washing machine. Usually it would be to use one of those used for bathing. The sponge will catch the hairs that will not end up on the clothes and will not remain inside the washing machine.

8) Let's brush our cat
By brushing our cat regularly we will be able to eliminate the dead and superfluous hair from the beginning, reducing its loss throughout the house.

it will be easy to live with our little friends and the hairs will no longer scare us.

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