Kittens need to play. With the game they simulate what the activities of hunting and fighting will be as adults. Cats in nature procure games by themselves among twigs, leaves, small insects and more and seeing them play is a real fun for us.

Cats living in apartments do not have the possibility to find suitable games in the environment and we should provide them with safe and non-dangerous games, being careful that they do not accidentally come across a possible game that is not suitable for them or because it is toxic (if licked or swallowed) or because there is a choking hazard.

There are many safe toys on the market for our pets.

Let's see together which games or objects are to be excluded because they are very dangerous. We are careful not to leave "things" around the house that can be a real danger to our cats.

Among the most dangerous we find objects that we are used to think of as fun toys for our four-legged friend.

- Cords;
- Tapes
- Balls
- Rubber bands

If ingested they can cause serious damage to our cat. Unfortunately, they swallow easily because the cat's tongue has thousands of filiform papillae, hooked towards the throat that make it difficult for them to spit out the filiform objects.

Long objects, then, if ingested, are even more dangerous because as they pass through the intestine they can cause them to twist or roll up inside, creating dangerous blocks and occlusions that require the intervention of the veterinarian and a delicate surgical operation to solve the problem.

Do not leave your cat with fishing rod-shaped toys made up of a flexible rod, wire and toy at the end without your presence.

Be careful that the toys do not have threads, ribbons, feathers and eyes, plastic noses and tails or ornaments applied. Many of these toys (mice for example) on the market have plastic eyes and noses and your kitty could chew and swallow them. We can solve in these cases to remove the plastic elements applied on the puppet before giving the toy to the cat.

Do not leave them at the cat's disposal when we are not in control. It may happen that they peel off the toy's coating by eating it or that they swallow the internal structure.

If you buy a mouse with battery be careful that it does not destroy the toy and reach the battery.

We do not leave bags and bags available because the cat, having hiding in their nature, could remain suffocated inside. We pay attention to the plastic laces that are used to close the bags because cats tend to eat this type of material, like the bags themselves.

Toys, such as balls, must be of a size that cannot be swallowed. For example, the size and weight of the ping pong balls are good for our 4-legged friend

Let's play with him and help him develop the arts of fighting and hunting that are instinctive for them plus we will have a lot of fun watching him play, cats at play are a spectacle of nature, and we will strengthen our wonderful bond with him.