Cats love the heat and in autumn and winter when it starts to get cold many of them look for a safe, warm and warm place to find shelter. Many find it inside or near the engine of our cars, but what they consider a good safe place is actually very dangerous and endangers their lives.

To try to be provident and not risk injuring or killing a kitten hidden in our car, we must always CHECK before getting into the car if we see cats hidden around the engine or on the wheels and tap the hood of the car to make noise and urge them to get out if they got into the engine.

Once in the car, give the horn twice. Wait a few minutes before starting the engine so we give the kitten time to get off the engine and get safe. We pay attention to small noises and meows that can indicate the presence of the cat imprisoned inside the car, sometimes they can no longer get off the engine. They usually climb up from the front wheel and reach the engine.

Personally, at the slightest doubt, I open the hood and look inside to be sure not to leave with little guests in danger.

If, on the other hand, you have not noticed that you have a cat in the engine and you have started, you may hear meows coming from the engine, stop the car immediately, and try to secure the cat. He will be very scared so be very careful when trying to get him out. Also pay attention to the heat of the engine that could burn both our hands and the kitten.

If the kitten does not come out, we can try to spray water inside the engine, but as it is winter we do not overdo it otherwise we will cause pneumonia.

We can call the fire brigade, or alas a mechanic to take the engine apart.