Taurine is a fundamental amino acid for the health and well-being of cats. Cats need a large amount of taurine for their vital functions (for proper bile formation, eye health, heart functioning, to regulate calcium, for nerve and muscle tissue).

The sources

Taurine MUST be present in the cat's diet. A cat should take between 250 to 500 mg of taurine per day.
We can find taurine in fish, meat, entrails and pulpy bones. Since Taurine is sensitive to heat and water, in order not to alter its nutritional qualities, it is necessary to give our friends raw food.

There are also Taurine supplements on the market and many industrial PET foods contain it (check the percentage of Taurine on the label).

The signs of the deficiency:

A cat deficient in Taurine could develop
A) Heart disease
B) Retinal degeneration
C) Inferitility
D) Malformation in puppies