Passive smoking is very harmful to our friends. Being small and having a very fast metabolism, cats have a low tolerance to nicotine exposure.

The cat forced to inhale secondhand smoke will get asthma at best. In the worst cases he can develop very serious tumors affecting the immune system and the blood, such as lymphoma.

The nicotine particles are deposited on the cat's fur which assimilates them by swallowing them, cleaning and licking the coat frequently, as is usually the case. Metabolized nicotine can cause the formation of lymphomas and serious cancers affecting the immune system and the blood.

The other parts of the body affected by nicotine are the respiratory tract, mouth, trachea and lungs.

A serious alarm has been raised by the PDSA, the British veterinary association which claims that all little cats exposed to cigarette smoke constantly are twice as likely to develop cancer.


A) Avoid smoking at home in the presence of animals, so as not to disperse the nicotine in the air.
B) Keep the environment healthy and free of harmful agents.
C) Pay attention to the cigarette butts in the ashtrays, which for our little friends are irresistible-

If you have not been able to protect your cat from secondhand smoke at home, it is very important to check his health with periodic visits to our veterinarian.