The Caracat is a hybrid cat. It was created in 2007. It is a cross between a wild feline, the caracal (lynx of the desert) and an Abyssinian domestic cat.

The coat is uniform cream color without spots and has pointed black ears with long tufts like the lynx. He has a very strident meow that gives him a wild tone. It is a very large cat and can weigh up to 15 kilos. It is very rare and extremely expensive: a puppy costs around 10,000 euros.

The Caracat is a risky cross to satisfy the delusions of human omnipotence who want to have a wild animal at home.

The Caracal crossed with the Abyssinian cat does not totally lose the characteristics of the African feline and is not suitable for a closed life in an apartment. Life as a domestic cat does not belong to him.

Caracat puppies are difficult to survive and they rarely survive. This creates enormous stress for their mothers and is very cruel to the kittens themselves. Breeders raise the price to cope with the loss of life of these poor creatures and the difficulty of breeding, but they are concerned only with making a profit. Personally, I find it unfair and unnatural to finance this type of trade.

In addition, hybrid cats usually require surgery and special diets because they cannot digest food properly. The most common ailment is inflammatory bowel disease and bullet diarrhea.

Declawing is practiced very often… They pull out his nails.

Caracats also bite out of affection. They play much heavier and heavier than a dog or a domestic cat. They could get to kill him unintentionally. It is dangerous with children and the elderly.

Hybrid cats can howl all night. They spray a lot and the smell is pungent.

I admit that wild cats are beautiful, but we do not have the right to possess the beauty that does not belong to us. We should respect their wild nature and not manipulate it to create a hybrid "product" which is neither domestic nor wild and which lives a life of deprivation that does not belong to it.