Have you decided to adopt a kitten? A small and charming little ball of fur all melted and soft?

If we have decided to enrich ourselves with the precious company of a small and majestic feline, we must prepare the house for its arrival:

We will need:

1) Cat litter

Our kitten will need a clean litter box to go to. You can buy absorbent sand (SANDS, SANDS TO USE FOR OUR BABIES) and litter (CATS: TOILETS FOR ALL TASTES). There are many types, you can choose the one that best meets our needs and the comfort of our new friend. The litter should be placed not close to food and water.

2) Bowls

1 bowl for wet food, 1 for crunchy, 1 for water. The bowls should be wide and low to make it easier for the cat to eat. Narrow and tall bowls are not good because it is an impediment for them to collect food and water. The water bowl must have larger dimensions because it is of fundamental importance that it never runs out of water.

3) kennel

a kennel or a cardboard box where you can place a warm and soft blanket or pillow inside.

4) A pet carrier to transport your cat and also take it to the vet for periodic checks and vaccines and for any eventuality.

5) Cat toys and scratching posts

The game is essential for the kitten to be able to grow and develop his instincts, his feline nature, for hunting and to be able to release the energy that usually, living in an apartment, he is unable to download.

Provide our kitten with safe objects to play, many can be a danger (DANGEROUS GAMES FOR OUR FRIENDS? NO THANKS) and a scratching post to attract the cat to get his nails without cutting armchairs, chairs and curtains into slices.

We pay close attention to safety and try not to overlook anything. We keep out of the reach of our beloved little one everything that could pose a danger to him: insecticides, poisons, deadly liquid substances that he could drink or lick, poisonous plants, sharp tools, electric cables, wires and small objects he could swallow, fireplaces, washing machines, dishwashers etc. And don't leave the windows open so you prevent the new guest from escaping or falling out of the windows.

Spend time with them, they suffer from loneliness and boredom and can get depressed. The ideal solution would be to have at least two cats.