The cat is a carnivore and many foods that are good for us are toxic to them. The degree of danger depends on the quantity and type of food that he should eat.

Some POISONOUS foods and not to be given to our cat are: mushrooms, sweets, baked goods, even salty, hazelnuts, candies, sugar, chips, apricots and in addition we see the following list together:

Grapes, raisins
They could cause vomiting or diarrhea and kidney damage.

Macadamia nut
Contains a very harmful toxin for cats.

Coffee and tea
They are very toxic and poisonous

It is highly toxic as well as its derivatives or foods that contain it.

Milk and derivatives
Some cats are lactose intolerant

Chicken bones
The cat swallows without chewing so the risk is that it ingests fragments of bones and sharp pieces that can injure internal organs.

Fish bones
The cat swallows without chewing so the risk is that it ingests the thorns that can injure the internal organs.

Raw eggs
In the egg white there is an enzyme that reduces the absorption of a B vitamin while raw egg can lead to salmonellosis just like in humans.

Fat, sausages, cured meats
They can promote pancreatitis.

Raw pork
It may contain a virus that is lethal to our cats.

Onions, garlic, shallots
They are very toxic because they contain bisulfates and sulfoxides that cause anemia.


Its leaves, seeds, bark and pulp contain a toxic substance that generates vomiting and diarrhea in cats.

Raw bread dough
Since the cat's stomach is the ideal environment for the multiplication of yeasts, the raw dough could expand to lead to severe respiratory problems.

Green tomatoes and raw potatoes
They may contain a large amount of an alkaloid that causes severe gastrointestinal upset.

Food for dogs
Being suitable for nutritional needs and are not suitable for cats that have a completely different digestive system.

Mono liver diet
The liver contains a lot of vitamin A and if assimilated by the cat in massive quantities it can cause damage to the cat's skeletal system.

Mono raw fish diet
Absence of a B vitamin that leads the cat to weaken up to death in the most serious cases.

The health of our 4-legged friend is closely linked to our knowledge. Let's get informed to give him a healthy and long life in perfect health!